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this is my personal server where i host a range of services for members of to use. however, accounts created without prior foreknowledge and approval will be assumed to be bots/spammers and may be prone to deletion at any time. i use uptimerobot to provide a status page of all these services.

for any content on any domain or subdomain of, any -isms or -phobias (racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc), loli, pro-pedo, fed-posting (baiting illegal content or activities) or any content that is otherwise illegal in the united states are all not allowed. thus, material should not be prohibited under the brandenburg test, or any legal definition in the us. abusing any of the services for spam or any other malicious reason is an instant ban. is 18+ only, but please still flag lewd or otherwise uncomfy content as nsfw. at the end of the day, we're keepin it comfy and i appreciate your cooperation :)

moderation is light touch, last resort and generally due to violations of the above rules.

all the services here are hosted by a machine located in my apartment, so it can be considered physically secure. continued use of this server implies an agreement to this policy. the warrant canary is updated completely randomly only whenever i feel like it. you can ask me nicely to bump the warrant canary if you'd like, but please know that it will have absolutely no bearing on whether i actually update it or not :)