i'm shibao, and it's nice to meet you!

i go by shibao online, and bubbletea.dev is my personal server where i hack around or post on fedi. i'm based in greenville, south carolina, so if you're close by then say hi!

i have way too many hobbies, but the biggest ones are definitely hiking and backpacking when it's warm, tech, and guns 😎. i also have a small indoor greenhouse and like to play the drums and piano in my free time. my morning coffee ritual is definitely one of the highlights of my day, and i enjoy cooking and baking when i have the energy for it.

i'm nonbinary (read: an andro fuck) and like they/them/she/her, but i genuinely do not care, call me whatever you want. i tend to skew libertarian, but there's probably a flavor of anarchism that describes me better that i need to learn more about.

if you wanna find more of me online, i have a retrospring where you can ask me questions anonymously, a photography account on my misskey instance, and a blog on writefreely, which i should write more for lol

thanks for reading!