welcome to bubbletea.dev!

this is my personal server where i host a range of services for me and my friends to use. the services listed below are available for potential members to use, and potentially even their friends. accounts created without my prior approval will be assumed to be bots and may be prone to deletion at any time. i use uptimerobot to provide a status page of all these services.


archivebox is an comprehensive, self-hosted web archival service. feel free to look around!


cannery is a self hosted firearm/ammo tracker being developed by yours truly! this is my personal instance, and not really available for demo purposes. the source code and hosting instructions are available on my gitea


a continual post deleter for twitter, misskey and mastodon, from codl/forget. configure which of your posts get pruned!


a self-hosted git repository, alternative to github or gitlab.


i also host an ipfs gateway for personal use and friends, which simply proxies content from other servers. files will be blacklisted if found to violate the tos.


mealie is a super handy recipe parser/meal planner. add recipes you find online or your own, and then plan out your meals for the week and generate a shopping list! super polished, and i'd highly encourage you to check it out!


memEx is a self hosted personal memex being developed by yours truly! this is my personal instance, and not really available for demo purposes. the source code and hosting instructions are available on my gitea


mining and crafting, online mode, easy difficulty + latest vanilla.


misskey is a decentralized microblogging platform utilizing activitypub much like mastodon and pleroma. however, it also has a ton of extra features as well (including cat ears you should turn them on)! this is hosted behind cloudflare for caching benefits, and shouldn't be considered a secure messaging platform like xmpp.


a secure, encrypted lightweight voice chatting platform, perfect for gaming! create your own rooms under the main gaming channel, or chat with your friends in the general chatting channel.

a password is necessary to enter the restricted bubbletea channel, but otherwise anyone can join any channel they want!


n.eko is a self-hosted rabb.it clone where you can operate a virtual web browser and watch things with your friends.


a super helpful suite of office applications, such as a calendar, email client, video chatting, tasks, file upload/sharing, forms, and more!


a federated alternative to youtube utilizing bittorrent to help distribute videos.


freshrss is a browser-based rss reader that you can access from anywhere. in addition to being open source, it also has an open API which means it can be used through dedicated apps as well! even if a site doesn't have an rss feed, you might be able to scrape it using rss-bridge.


rss-bridge is a project aimed at turning virtually any website into an rss feed without needing to sign up or use an api. it maintains a staggering number of "bridges" which you can then plug into an online rss reader or your own native rss reader.


a self-hosted, privacy-conscious metasearch aggregation site.


i've made a handy start page for all the services using heimdall, if you want a handy way to see all these services. check it out!


szurubooru is a image tagging software allowing you to quickly and easily find uploaded images. i've added a lot of wallpapers, but users can upload their own content as well! All posts will be automatically tagged by deepbooru every 30 minutes, and will add to whatever manual tags you've applied. I've hosted this behind cloudflare for caching benefits, so feel free to hotlink!


thelounge is a web app that acts like an irc bouncer/client. accounts are available on request!

  • url: irc.bubbletea.dev


wakapi is a backend for wakatime, a visual studio code productivity tracking extension. if you use visual studio code, you can use it to get better insights into your programming. accounts available upon request.


weblate is a service that allows you to crowdsource translations from the internet for software projects. weblate supports basically every localization method in existence and can automatically sync with version control to keep your app up to date. check it out, and maybe even contribute if you feel like it!

write freely

writefreely is a blogging platform that supports activitypub, meaning you can follow blogs and repost them directly from any activitypub-supported social media!

xmpp server

running ejabberd for the base xmpp server. supporting features like file uploads, e2e encryption, audio and video calling, statuses and more, xmpp with OMEMO encryption can be considered a secure messaging service.

in addition, i also host a movim instance for use with this or other xmpp server accounts. movim is an web-based xmpp client but also a social platform built off of xmpp.